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11. Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co.

Columbus, OH 

Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co.
12. The Original Goodie Shop

Columbus, OH 

The Original Goodie Shop
13. Mary Poppins Cake Factory

Woodville, OH 

Mary Poppins Cake Factory
14. Buggy Whip Bakery

Findlay, OH 

Buggy Whip Bakery
15. JJ Desserts

Vandalia, OH 

JJ Desserts
16. Andrews Pastries

Marion, OH 

Andrews Pastries
17. Dottie's Creative Cakes

Springfield, OH 

Dottie's Creative Cakes
18. Cakes by Wen

Bellville, OH 

Cakes by Wen
19. Cakes 2 Envy

Columbus, OH 

Cakes 2 Envy
20. Jane's Cakes & Confections

Perrysburg, OH 

Jane's Cakes & Confections