Yosi Photography

Colton, CA

(909) 213-2943

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Yosi Photography is an excellent professional photographer. Yosi truly was amazing and fun to work with. He took amazing and flawless pictures for our engagement pictures, rehearsal dinner, and most importantly our wedding. All experiences were fun, stress-free, and easy to do! He truly made the process entertaining for us, the wedding party and our guests. He made us laugh and kept us from taking the process too serious! He kept it light and made it easy for us to feel comfortable and act natural! All our photographs taken by Yosi were gorgeous! Thank you, Yosi for your excellent work! I look forward to hiring you again for our future events! - I have the Baby's 1st birthday coming up too! Can I book you already?


The pictures are beautiful and the lighting was very good as well. You captured every moment that was special. Thank you so much for being on time and your professionalism.

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014