Where The Magic Begins

Carver, MA

(508) 866-7707

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Flowers, family, pictures and tears are all components of a great day. My wedding was the best day ever and Shelley made it possible. I had no idea where to begin or even that there was a different between a wedding dress and a prom dress that was white. Every little question that I had, Shelley was there to help me along the way. She offered advice, and reassured me that I was not going crazy. She made my day as smooth as possible. Shelley's creativity and fun spirit added that special touch to our January wedding and I could not have done it without her...


Where the Magic Begins definitely went above and beyond in every aspect from rolling our our 85 foot aisle runner making sure it was wrinkle free and straight. We will be the first to admit that initially we thought hiring a wedding coordinator would be a waste of money on our tight budget, but now looking back we do not know how we could have done it with out Where the Magic Begins. They made it so stress free. It was so great to relax and enjoy the planning process and the day of our wedding. Shelley and her crew were such a pleasure to work with. It is obvious that they truly love the line of work they are in and everything stands out. I will never forget seeing the tears of Joy in Shelley's eyes as we were opening the sanctury door for me as I was about to walk down the aisle. If it was not already obvious that she cared about us and our marriage, it was at that moment. I realized just how much she truly cared for us. The ceremony and reception went perfectly with no mishaps, We will be singing praises for years to come about the staff of Where the Magic Begins.


Shelley was the planner for our wedding, which was held in Sandwich, MA. From the moment we met her, which was actually over the phone, we were impressed with her knowledge of her business, her meticulous attention to detail and her passion for what she does. As a out of town couple with hectic work schedules, we relied heavily upon Shelley to make vendor recommendations and coordinate all of the details that in my opinion are critical to a weddings success. Throughout the process, Shelley was engaged, attentive, reassuring and highly professional. She responded to emails quickly and gave candid advice on anything we asked. She was highly respectful of our opinions and tactful in making alternative suggestions. As good as she was during the planning period, she was EVEN BETTER on the day of. She had clearly thought through every detail of the organization of the day, arrived early at the site, stayed late and was like an invisible hand throughout the wedding. Many guest remarked afterwords at how well coordinated and planned our wedding was. Ultimately, our goal was to have a beautiful day, where family and friends felt well taken care of, and a large part of being able to achieve that was due to Shelley's involvement. We can not thank her enough.

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