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Oregon City, OR

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The Rev did a Seaside wedding for us this past fall - even dressed all in camo for us as that was our theme... Loved it.


Answered all inquiries fast, process was easy, which for being a guy, getting stuck with (did i say stuck?, sorry dear ) finding the Officiant made my task quick and painless.


Very happy. Was always immediately responsive to questions and concerns. Ceremony was just what we wanted.


We are from Kansas and called Personalized Day after a net search for local Officiants in Portland/Vancouver Area. Considering we were from Kansas and flew in totally blind to somewhere we never have been, Rev. Leonard really took care of us. Our adventure was total spur of the moment thing after seeing a advent for your Columbia Gorge. So we eloped here to be married. I have to admit it was a little nerve racking to entrust all this to a person you have never met and then drive out to some Gorge at 5am in the morning to a GPS location given to you for your sunrise wedding. But when we arrived at Vista House and the sun came through the mist over the Gorge, it was simply breathtaking. A Personalized Day handled everything for us and though it was short and sweet, just a elopement - it was very special.


This was only vendor we actually used on this site as it was a private backyard affair. I contacted Rev. Leonard regarding simple ceremony and was very happy with all the quick responses we got and how much he worked with us. I was worried about doing ceremony in parents backyard and still get the wedding I wanted but Rev. Leonard really let me pretty much add anything we desired to make it our day without all the extra cost, worry, ect. Though we did most of our transactions via email, it was nice that he offered to meet us to show identification first if we wanted and to meet face to face. For us, from time I left message to being fully booked with vow examples and invoice receipt in my mail in-box was only about 30min total. ( we elected not do do face/face as I am working in Seattle), ...I did not find out about his wife being a culinary chef who does wedding cakes until after, ...but for other brides I guess you can combine the services for extra discounts. Oh, and you get a certificate good for a free vow renewal for your 5yr annv. Mine says dependent of scheduling and travel but its a nice addition. Overall for a cold call from out of town and doing everything via email / phone it was a great experience. Ceremony went off without a hitch, and he even really encouraged us to "wait" for a good cloud break before we did ceremony..(was rainy), , .I didn't feel like I was "on the clock" and could enjoy my day and family.


Rev. Leonard was a great fit for us and we could not be happier with the ceremony provided, the whole experience was very positive. I contacted A Personalized Day with little hope of finding a opening as we desired to be married on very short notice. We were booked and confirmed very quickly, the responses were always almost immediate. It wasn't until Rev. Leonard seen my fiance in his Marine dress did he realize the need for the quick wedding as we were informed my fiances unit was shipping out, we were very pleased when he informed us, that even though we had already paid our account in full, that we were due a refund of 20% because my fiance is military - I thought that was great of him! Rev. Leonard really went the extra mile for us, it was very comfortable from start to finish.


We were wed on the Oregon Beach this past August. The wedding / ceremony were memorable and Rev. Leonard did an excellent job, due to my fiance/husband being in the Guard, we were given a nice discount which we really appreciated.


This Officiant was really attentive to us and that made us feel more than just average clients. The ceremony was great and affordable. We got a lot of little extras that just made things a lot easier, like the rehearsal was free and he let us take all the time we needed. I liked that they don't double book dates and they literally give the entire day to you, because of course we ran late..real late... and it was no problem at all, he was very patient.


I booked this place from the coast expecting to have to pay a rather large travel fee from Portland as i could not find someone here. I was very surprised and extremely happy with both the price we got and ceremony performed. Was very flexible and stayed in contact with me via texts whenever i needed something. After several attempts to make it to Portland I gave up and we did everything online without a hitch. Rev. Leonard even came over the night before and rented a local room to be sure he was here on time. Great experience.


We contacted Rev. Leonard for a coast wedding and were very pleased with entire experience. He was always very prompt in responses, pricing was great, and i felt like a real person was helping me with every step instead of just some numbered client. He drove all the way to Coast at no cost and just overall really went out of his way for us. Thank You!

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