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Wedding Officiant

Spanaway, WA

(206) 251-4753

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4 Reviews:


Mr. Allen was great. Last minute and all. His home is beautiful and served as a perfect venue for our vows. He and his partner make you feel like old friends.


Mr. Allen provided a customized ceremony, accommodating all of our quirks and family. While getting married in the woods is somewhat unusual, he took it all in stride -- even my riding in on a white horse!


Short notice, quick service, no problem for Mr Allen. He was very accommodating and very, very professional.


Mr. Allen was great as an officiant for our wedding. It was very comfortable planning a gay wedding with someone who is also gay. Everyone was comfortable and at ease about designing the ceremony.

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WedFolio Top Reviewed 2016WedFolio Top Reviewed 2015WedFolio Top Reviewed 2014WedFolio Top Reviewed 2013