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Thank you for the your help with our ceremony and vows. We were lost and glad we found you. Your sense of what we wanted and unique ceremony was everything we could have asked for and more. Getting our families involved was special to us and them. Thank you, thank you.


Thank you for your addition to our wonderful ceremony. We appreciated all your help from the 1st time we met until even now, 3 months after our wedding. You are the sweetest man. We consider you a family friend now! I hope that is okay. Hugs, Dannie.


WOW! Unique vows we chose without hesitation. Review Mel was certainly a presence but did not overwhelm our ceremony. We appreciated his ability to make our vows seem "un-canned" and spontaneous. He drew our families and friends into our ceremony. His ideas to make our ceremony unique and special was welcomed. Thank you again. We also liked our gift wedding certificate so much we had IT framed.


We loved have Mel to marry us. He was the best I believe to make a special moment perfect. He has a great personality and fits perfectly in with the family. We will remember him always and recommend him to everyone that we know. Thanks Mel.


Thank you Rev Mel for your officiating our wedding as we wanted. Your help was wonderful working with us. Suggestions to make our wedding ceremony special, including our heritages and different cultures, our families at your suggestion AND what we wanted without any hesitation. It was PERFECT.


Thank you, RevMel, for helping us through our vows. They were very special FOR US and unique FOR US. We highly recommend you not only for your warmth, but your voice and vocal ability, calm and waiting for me to stop crying. I didn't expect you to hand me a kerchief to wipe my eyes. The guests talk about the sweetness of that, but was a little fun too. It was special when you spoke to my guests spontaneously and it helped me calm down.Thank you for everything.


Reverend Mel was perfect! I applaud him for taking on our wedding under short notice and for performing the ceremony beyond my expectations. I knew from our first phone contact that he would be the right officiant for our particular wedding: he had the right kind of voice plus the personality to carry this off. Rob & I got married center ice during a hockey game, in front of a crowd of 10, 970 cheering fans. We needed someone who could do the big booming "announcer guy" voice in front of that many people and carry it off with confidence, aplomb, and professionalism - and of course, just the right amount of humor, too. We have already heard the playback from the arena audio, and Mel's officiating was spectacular. I would not hesitate to recommend Reverend Mel to others seeking a very special wedding ceremony. Thank you, Mel!


We were married after only a 4 week engagement and having to organize everything fast. Rev. Mel was so helpful, even referring me to other professional for the wedding who all dine a most fine job. Rev Mel was simply a presence at our ceremony, but not overwhelming and made his voice, deep and rich, kept my family and guests involved. We managed to great our vows with his help and it included everyone. He also encouraged us to make it special for US. We did and he made it seem as though we had worked on our wedding for a year... flawless, elegant and with a little fun too. 10 stars


Rev Mel was awesome. He was very professional. He performed the ceremony just as we had asked along with some of his great suggestions. He made the ceremony worry free and relaxed. I would recommend Rev Mel to anyone getting married not matter their religious background.


We were very pleased with Rev. Mel's service - both pre-and post wedding. He was professional, courteous, respectful, and a delight to work with.


On short notice Mel was available, lucky because it was 4 hrs and our original minister was in an accident. Reverend Mel was a calming influence on us, knowing that he could come. He asked us about 10 questions to design our wedding vows. He came, he did. It was though we had worked with him for months. Amazing. We read some of the other reviews and we cannot disagree. Rev Mel and everything and more. We were in a real jam, and he made it PB and J for us. Hugs and kisses.


Rev Mel was AWESOME! we forgot our wedding license and he stayed late for us no extra charge! He was funny and easy going, we couldn't have picked anyone better.


We wanted a unique ceremony last month. We were helped by Rev. Mel to be inclusive of family current and past. We wanted participation from our guests and family. His suggestions made our ceremony like no other. He was supportive of the unconventional/traditional ceremony but included or spiritual wants. Rev Mel was so welcoming of our wants, we could not have been any happier. All our family was impressed with his delivery, but yet kept us the focus. We are so grateful.


Thank you so much!


Simply wonderfully customized ceremony last month. Unique vocal talent that made every word seem so important. Maybe just the moment. But everybody else was impressed how personal he made our ceremony feel. Including everybody as well. Thank you.


We were so impressed with the warm of our ceremony for us, my family and my guests. We and Rev Mel included them all. We he spoke directly to us, and when he looked into our eyes I lost it. It was so moving. It was so real. And Rev Mel magically gave me an Irish linen which was really needed. His ad lib also lightened the mood when necessary. His presentation is real and felt from the heart. If you want a special ceremony get Rev Mel. And thank you again.


Thank you Rev Mel for the special ceremony that included all our families and cultures. The rose ceremony made our mother feel so special and adding our two cultures into this warm and celebratory ceremony made our day so special. Thank you. Liz says to give you another hug.


We wanted to thank Rev Mel for his heartfelt and special services for our wedding. Their suggestions to include others, and "ceremonies within the ceremony" made our wedding unique not just to us, but to everyone by what mt guests and family are still saying after 3 months. We had seen Rev Mel at another wedding and were impressed with his personal style during the ceremony... We really felt his words in our hearts.


Rev Mel is warm hearted and heart felt in his celebrant presentation. That was nice considering the stormy day and all the changes we had to make that day. Mel drew our families into, and engaged them into, the ceremony to make even more memories for everyone. We had no idea about what we wanted said, but Mel worked with us and provided many samples from which we could choose bits and pieces from each to make our own. Our ceremony certainly was not canned. We personalized it and made it our own. Thank you so much.


Rev Mel worked with us on customizing our vows to OUR wishes. Wonderful ceremony. Family still tells me how meaningful and heartfelt your delivery was, and our including everyone. Thank you again.


Our original minister couldn't make it to the ceremony. We called Rev Mel and he conducted our wedding at the last moment, and you would not have known that. It was as thought we had spoken to him for months. It was literally one day. He is a Warm hearted and enjoyable man who made my wedding seem like it was the only important one in the world.


Special is too simple a word for Rev Mel's presentation of our ceremony. Wonderful is a better word. He worked with us customizing our vows to make them "ours". Not to embarrass him but he was impressive with the presentation, like speaking to us and our family/guests, not "at" us. Everything seemed spontaneous and natural, and certainly NOT boring. The ceremony was actually fun, yet romantic.


Jane was our officiate. Her husband was our photographer (absolutely Only Wedding Photography). She helped make our ceremony very special. She worked with our customized vows and gave us many suggestions to enhance the ceremony. She was gracious and included everybody in the ceremony as we wanted. It felt like we had all been friends for years. She has one of those big hearts.


Thank you for officiating our wedding. You made it special and we didn't have a clue what we wanted except we wanted it traditional somewhat. Thank you for getting our guests involved. My dad said it was the best ceremony he had ever been too. We really appreciated all your suggestions. Thank you for the gift marriage certificate too. If was much nicer than the one provided for the county, and we have two too.


We thought we had a complicated ceremony, but Rev Mel didn't miss a beat, helped us orchestrate the ceremony and vows. And he, he says "we", did fantastic. Included in our vows were the rose and sand ceremony. We also had a native Apache special moment, and memories for relative's who had passed away that we wished were there (and they were in spirit). We had a "professional" photographer who didn't seem to know much about photos of things like the signing of the license or didn't seem to know what was important (which is weird) so Rev Mel advised him of the important pictures. Mel was our not planned coordinator for the wedding ceremony. Matt says to say "he is funny too at the right moments" like Matt's crying and not being able to repeat the vows without being embarrassed. Rev Mel made those moments special.


Reverend Mel was exceptional. He conducted our ceremony so our quest remained a part of the ceremony, not just observers. We were able to see over 100 sample ceremonies from which we could chose or make our own special vows from. We didn't have a clue, but Mel walked us through every step making it fun and personal. 1000 stars, Mel. Thank you for being part of our day.


I don't know what got into me giggling most of the way through the ceremony. I was just so nervous. Rev Mel was wonderful, paused when he had to, and made my nervousness fun for everyone, Even though it was our wedding, it was the most fun wedding ceremony I was ever at, we hadn't even started drinking yet; Rev Mel didn't skip a beat and rolled with my issue at hand. Some of the weddings I've been too are very "dry". From what I hear from my family and friends, this wedding was anything but. And Mel helped make it so. He was wonderful. Chrissy has it right (below), but he is a FUN officiant, who happens to sound like Moses in the 10 commandments if I can say that. Mel is very unassuming too, so he might be embarrassed by this review but he will "roll with it", like with my nervous giggling.


From reading other reviews I can say "ditto" and it looks like Mel brings that "hankie" with him a lot, because he used it at our wedding too, except not for me, but for Will. The guests LOVED it. Mel made my ceremony very special. How he makes it GRAND, yet sweet and soft is beyond words. We just loved him. His sample vows say it all, and we have a had time putting one together. He helped us to make it our own and unique, yet not overly flowery. His presentation includes everybody and got everyone involved. He is gracious and does your "ceremony your way".


Reverend Mel was completely wonderful. He had sent us hundreds of sample vows that we could cut, copy and paste to make our own. He recommended special little add on ceremonies within our ceremony to include our family and especially our parents. Our ceremony was truly unique. He waited at appropriate moments because I "lost it" 3 times. He even pulled out a hankie for me when I needed it. The Rose ceremony he recommended was the crowning jewel of our ceremony it seems because that's what my and his mother still talk about. Tom thinks the kiss was. Rev Mel did our ceremony exactly as we wanted, humorous yet traditional yet unique.


Rev Mel preformed a wonderful ceremony. He provided us with 100s of sample ceremonies that we copy, cut and pasted together to make our own. We added some things to make it even more personal. He recommended a couple special moments to honor our parents and our guests which we had never seen before and our mothers still talk about. When I "lost it" during the ceremony he handed me a hankie which ended up being a special moment too. He waited for me to collect myself, and continued without skipping a beat. He is very special, and to us too.


Our ceremony was perfect. We wanted some special parts to be included. Todd and I also appreciated Mel helping us come come with our vows that spoke to us in a special way. We wanted a sentimental, yet at times humorous ceremony to involve everybody. Our wedding was in March and our friends and family still tell us how wonderful it was. A big part was Reverend Mel.


Yes, they did it our way... with their help. We had a most beautiful wedding ceremony.


Rev Mel did our ceremony exactly like we wanted. We had trouble finding someone who would. We didn't have any idea about our vows but had an idea of how we wanted the ceremonies and wanted vows to fit our personalities and beliefs. Rev Mel sent us many samples and we changed them to make them our own. He also suggested special ceremonies within the ceremony to make our mothers feel special and included and a special part that included our heritage. I know my grand mother was joking, but she said " That minister sounded like Moses, with a twinkle in his eye", maybe she was not joking.

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