Wedding 2 Cherish

Hamilton, OH
(513) 633-0755
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I wanted to mention to you that all night at the reception my guests were raving about how beautiful the ceremony was. I have never heard so many people make so many comments about the ceremony, usually everyone only talks about the reception. I know you played a big part in that and I wanted to thank you.


Pastor Kevin was so caring and professional. He had so many options for us to choose from, it was truly a beautiful ceremony. During the reception I got a lot of compliments on my ceremony and one of my cousins said wished she had Pastor Kevin for her wedding. I guess the guy she had did a comedy routine and she was so unhappy with her ceremony. Thank You Pastor Kevin for making our day beautiful!


I can honestly say Pastor Kevin Carpenter was so easy to work with. He gave us great ideas and at the wedding we prayed over both my husband and me before our ceremony and calmed me down! I would recommend Pastor Kevin to anyone. He is great, you won't be disappointed!

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