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Burnt Hills, NY

(518) 384-0414

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Hi Bob, it's Danielle Callahan (Reilly). I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for our wedding on the 15th. You did a great job and I really appreciate it!


Hi Bob, I had to email you this morning and let you know how much we enjoyed watching our wedding video last night. It was absolutely everything (and more) that we had hoped for! You did an amazing job. The transition from moment to moment and the effects that you added were great. I especially thought the old style ritz effect, where our guests were getting off of the trolley, was neat. The scenes you chose to include were perfect and you captured our intimate and most funny moments. From the weddings, the music, and the additions of our engagement and honeymoon photographs, we couldn't be happier with it. We are looking forward to sharing this with our families. We'll be sure to treasure it for MANY years to come. Thank you so much! What an amazing video!

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