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Green Bay, WI

(920) 645-3006

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I wasn't big into the idea of getting video. Especially after getting the total $ of the entire wedding. But I am glad I did. Our son wakes up and says, "can we watch the mommy/daddy video?" We decided to go with them because my fiance really like their Photography services, provided by Photo Magik. They are sisters. So adding the video saved quite a bit of money. We followed them on facebook for awhile so we could review their most recent work, etc. It gives you a good feeling when spending the money that you are going to get quality services. We choose the highlight reel and it was perfect for us. Covered all important aspects of the day and wasn't long and boring - like you would expect from past wedding videos you have seen. They were great to work with. And I think it makes a difference when when your vendors work well together - and that they sure do!


I didn't originally budget for video. And my maid of honor last minute said I really should hire one. As I sit here and type, and after it's all over I must say, the VIDEO was BY FAR the BEST investment during this entire event. In fact, with this experience, I would have hired our videographer before the photographer - but I don't want to offend my photographer if she is reading this (sorry Ashley!). Photos are great cuz you can put them in frames or in a photo album (buried in my shelf). But I have watched my video over and over again and treasure every moment. I cried watching my video- I didn't cry looking at my pictures. I don't even know where to start on the wonderful experience I had with Video Magik. From my initial contact with them they were responsive and consistently went above and beyond for me. On the day of my wedding Steph and assistants were prepared, friendly, enthusiastic and just incredible. They even jumped in to help me throw linens at the reception location when they saw that help was needed and the venue was behind and I was trying to talk with my arriving guests. Shortly after the wedding, we saw our wedding trailer and I was absolutely floored. It was like reliving my wedding day - I saw things I didn't get to see on my wedding day and it was so beautifully put together. I couldn't wait to get my full video! I would recommend Video Magik to anyone if perfectly preserved memories of their wedding day are what they want, and not to mention getting the most bang for your buck! You can't go wrong with Video Magik!


Honestly Blown Away when we watched our video for the first time. We did not have to hit fast-forward one time. And I think I've watched it over 10 times already. It was great because we get three copies so we gave one to both our parents and one for us. She also included a backup for us in case something happened to it. The emotion put into the video was over the top. You see a lot of video's that have cheesy effects. Not here. Her songs were picked appropriately, and she even did interviews with some of my family and then used that throughout the movie to tell the story of our day. I say movie because that is truly what I feel it is. Thanks Stephanie, you did an awesome job! Everyone said how amazed they were when they were watching you work, how you were down on the floor, up in the air, and so many other creative ideas. I will definitely refer you to my friends. Thanks again!

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