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Uniquely Yours... Ceremonies to celebrate your heart journey.

Doylestown, PA

(215) 340-2442

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Laura, what a beautiful ceremony and day! You really hit it out of the park, along with Cindy's help. The day was filled with unexpected miracles and everyone showed up that day as their best self. I hope you know how powerful and incredible you are! Your words during the ceremony I will forever remember and your grace and love is evident in all that you do! We are very fortunate to have had you as our officiant. Every single person at that wedding was blown away by that ceremony. And you are the best! What you do makes such a difference! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL! LOVE AND LIGHT.


Rev. Laura - thank you for a wonderful wedding ceremony! So many of our guests commented about how beautiful and unique the ceremony was - thank you for making our day so special!


Even though we only met with you 3 times, it was like you knew us and the ceremony was beautiful - thank you for your contributions in making our day so special.


When we first met with Rev. Laura we weren't sure if we wanted anything religious or not. She really helped us navigate our way through it and the celebration was really "us" - thank you!

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WedFolio Top Reviewed 2016WedFolio Top Reviewed 2015WedFolio Top Reviewed 2014WedFolio Top Reviewed 2013