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The Unique Wedding Officiant

Emerald Isle, NC

(919) 949-1167

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I am so thankful for Rev. Ami and her family! We decided to just have a intimate wedding since our family was going to be in town and we had been engaged for many years. We called Rev. Ami about a week before our wedding date. Not only was she available but she also provided us with a ceremony site. Rev. Ami helped us plan a beautiful ceremony which included our child. She understood exactly what we wanted and portrayed it perfectly. She is incredibly flexible, understanding and patient! I had been waiting many years for this wedding so I was a bit emotional and very nervous. Rev. Ami met with us prior to the wedding which helped calm my nerves and was patient with us the day of the ceremony when I was running very late. The ceremony was beautiful and it is all thanks to Rev. Ami. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their wedding to be absolutely perfect!


Rev. Ami did a beautiful job helping us plan a ceremony that was warm and personal, and reflecting our beliefs and ourselves perfectly. We included our children in the ceremony, and Rev. Ami helped us make that part just perfect. She was utterly professional in her communication and preparation for our event, arriving early and looking great. The ceremony was so beautiful, exactly the memory we were hoping for. I would recommend her to anyone who wants their wedding to reflect their unique selves in a thoughtful and respectful way.


We called Rev. Ami only three days before our wedding was to take place. She was not only available but added so much warmth and made such a lovely addition to our ceremony, I am now glad our original officiant was unable to make it! Thank you Rev. Ami for everything!

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