The Reverend Lisa - Let's Get Married Now!

Rosemead, CA
(877) 738-5472
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Lisa was amazing! She is not only animated but keeps those in attendance captivated by her message. She is open to ideas, very flexible, and adds a creative touch to the ceremony. I want to say that most if not all that were present could not help but admit how wonderful the ceremony was conducted. The main reason was that it was different, not boring. Even the guys could not help but boast about this part being their favorite and guys usually don't do that :p I wanted a quick, special and meaningful ceremony and it was done! Thanks Lisa for making our day even more special! hugs.


The reverend was on time (actually early) and was a pleasure through the entire ceremony (inclusive of preparation). We are very happy with the deluxe package, as it allowed for everything to be taken care of by one person (the reverend). A+ work.

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014