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Sunnyography Erie PA Wedding Photography

Salem, VA

(814) 881-7634

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I am very pleased with the maternity/"expecting" photos Sunny took of myself, my growing tummy, and my husband. She is incredibly affordable, gave me a disk of all the photos, and even came to my house to take the photos. Talk about convenient! She is wonderful to work with. She has a very sweet, "sunny" personality and has a lot of great ideas for poses but is also open to others' ideas as well. We did have an issue getting our photos in a timely fashion, but it was due to mail issues, and sunny remedied it fast! Overall, five stars!


I just wanted to write and let others know how wonderful it was working with Sunny. Our wedding was July 10, 2009, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Sunny was very creative in her poses, and also got a lot of candid, which was my biggest request for pictures. I never felt like she was "in the middle" of everything, but she go... t shots when I didn't realize she was even in the room. We still have people comment on our wedding picture, almost 2 years later. I hear a lot of, "When did she get that picture? I didn't even see you in that moment and yet she caught it." One of the best examples is when in February of last year, my aunt passed away. She loved to dance, and was on the dance floor almost all night at the wedding. We then realized that last pictures anyone had of her were random, candid pictures Sunny had taken at my wedding. They were perfect! So thank you Sunny for making a wonderful wedding even more special. We look forward to being able to share these pictures with our grandkids some day, and displaying them in our house for many, many years to come.

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