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Robert Maves Photography

Ellison Bay, WI

(920) 737-3815

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26 Reviews:


Robert's work is absolutely spectacular... So much so it renders one to consider marrying... If that most improbable were to ever come to fruition, I know without hesitation who I would only call... Robert Maves Photography!


Robert Maves Jr. is a gifted artist. He has an eye and vision that makes his work exceptional. Maves has a knowledge of his craft and instruments to make that vision come to life. One of his specialties is lighting and using it to perfect the shot. Maves worked as lighting technician in the indie maritime film 'Confessions of a Sailor', offering accomplished techniques and valuable expertise to each scene.


Bobby is an amazing Photographer! He has a really awesome eye to make sure your pictures are exactly what you are looking for! He is very reasonable and very easy to talk to and work with. You will be amazed at his talents!


Bobby's work is superb, from start to finish. You feel like you are there. The photo's are amazing and utterly artistic, unlike any I have seen from anyone else. The Wedding's are beautiful, capturing the subjects, as well as the surroundings.


Robert Maves has the unique ability to capture, not only the special events he films, but the very essence of these events, , , He is able to go beyond the usual and captures beauty in even the ordinary things, , , textures, colors, shapes and light. His work is remarkable and professional to the highest degree. I would recommend Robert Maves Photography to anyone who wants the memory of their special day to shine and speak to others in an elegant, richly defined, simple beauty. I give Mr. Maves a Perfect 10 rating, or a 5 in the case of this star rating system.


He is the best. Period!


Bob is the best, he not only has the eye, he has the experience to bring it all together in an extremely professional, timely manner. In my opinion, Bob is the benchmark for high quality photographers.


Bobby has an eye perfect shots and his graphic editing skills make him a supremo photographer, I recommend Bobby for any special event you want to capture and remember.


Robert is one the best photographer that I ever meet before, always give me excellent advice about how can i get the best pics or buy the best camera, and also He's an amazing Human being with huge soul and sensitive.


I have been pondering how to put into words how incredible I think Roberts Maves Photos are. His winter shots are more beautiful than any I have ever seen. I still have not made my way through all of his albums. It's taking me time because I'm so astonished at many I just have to take my time. You have definitely found your calling Robert.


Bob is a true artist. He is amazing behind the camera with direction and style. Very prompt and professional!


Your prices are great and offer so much more that the other photographer's I like the fact I can have my own DVD with all the copyrights, with out buying all the pictures after the Wedding, We are looking forward to our Wedding and you as our Photographer...


Thank you for the wonder pictures you created at our wedding. The family group pictures were priceless. We also love the wedding album that you gave us. Your work shows with a classic style and your years of fine photography. We will always think of your hard work when we recommend you.


Bob Was the photographer for our wedding and he did a great job getting all the shots that we wanted he works fast and know his way around the camera and is fun to work with super photographer.


Robert Was our photographer for our wedding and took Great wonderful pictures of us and family great poses and really know his trade great to work with and a wonderful person to shoot any wedding.


Robert is a talented, creative, professional photographer with a great sense of humor. You will love his work.


Robert Did Our Wedding years ago In Chicago, Back then he Shot Kodak Flim. His work in poses and lighting bring out the detail in my Wedding gown.


This Is one Great photographer, his pictures were great and fun to work with. On time, gets the Job done right, we love his work.. We highly like his many years of work to do our wedding with a class act.


You're a great promoter and I believe a devoted artist and dedicated photographer. I like your style, Robert. I think you make a lot of people happy, and I thank you for that.


Robert is amazing at connecting emotionally with people to bring out the in them through Photography. He Goes beyond expectations, Call Robert Today


We hired Robert for our daughters wedding, . We were very pleased and happy. Roberts great work with all his enthusiasm and was wiling to work over time for family for portraits, which we have over the fire-place " He will be 1st on our list for the next Wedding".


Robert is a leader in the Wedding Photography Business. We at the door county wedding Guide love his work. He is great at taking the right images for Our on line magazine at


I have Had Bob work for our Wedding studio he is on time and go beyond the job needs.. Brides love him, funny and he knows the right poses and shots, makes people feel great! '' Winner in my book''.


Bob; has worked for us doing many weddings our clients loved him, .we wished he was still here.. He will work hard and is a Happy creative Photographer.


Robert Maves jr. taught me some great photography tricks... One of the best Special Effect shots with his Hasselblad Camera... "He has great techniques".


Bobby is a great photographer, we go way back and he's great to work with at a wedding.

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