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Reverend Gina at Villa Rose Gardens

Kent, WA

(206) 229-9344

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4 Reviews:


Thank you GIna and Villa Rose Gardens. We had a wonderful day and although I jumped the gun on the kiss, we really enjoyed you taking the reins on our Wedding. In a nutshell, it was a truly delightful day for all of us.


My wife and I wanted a simple wedding and a friend recommended Villa Rose Gardens. We went to check it out and Gina was so nice and helpful. Every time I emailed her, I got an immediate response. It's a very beautiful place to have a wedding. I highly recommend Villa Rose Gardens.


Everything about working with Gina is wonderful! She is so kind and professional, and makes everything so easy to do. Lovely ceremony, great pictures, just perfect! Thanks Gina!


What a great experience! Everything was perfect. Our ceremony was so beautiful. The place was gorgeous and very well priced for everything we got. We love our pictures. It was much more than we expected. Highly recommended.

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