Reverend Dr. Ron Isaacs

Lake Grove, NY

(631) 332-4623

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9 Reviews:


The ceremony was a wonderful experience. Rev Ron had all the right words to make our wedding on lake Ronkonkoma a lasting memory. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for something special.


Rev. Ron was wonderful. He took his time to get to know myself, my husband and my family. He gave us many opportunities to create our ceremony and shape it to our style. Our wedding ceremony was beautiful. So many people gave Rev. Ron compliments afterwords. We had a beautiful day. I highly recommend Rev. Ron for any occasion.


Everything was amazing from start to finish. Rev. Ron made feel comfortable and relaxed. We talked for hours during our first meeting and he really got to know us. He wrote a beautiful ceremony, that we will all remember forever. Our friends and family are still talking about it 2 weeks later!


Rev. Ron made it perfect. It couldn't have been more beautiful. If your looking for someone to write you the ceremony that you always dreamed of call Rev. Ron.


Thank you Reverend Ron! You helped to make our day perfect. Since I was a little girl I always would imagine what my wedding ceremony would be like, and it was always perfect in my imagination. You helped us to create that perfect dream wedding ceremony that I had been imagining since I was a little girl. You really put your heart and soul into it and it definitely showed. Our guests were talking about your beautiful words all night, and they are still commenting on you almost a month later. I want everyone to know how special you treated us, and how special you will always be to us. Thank you again!


We spoke with a good number of officiants for our wedding all but Rev. Dr. Ron Isaacs were interested in only one thing, getting paid. With Rev. Dr. Ron Isaacs we didn't talk money until we'd gone over everything that we wanted for our wedding. And he was more than reasonable and upfront with the costs. But it's not just the money. Rev. Ron did a wonderful job writing the ceremony, and all of our guests enjoyed the wedding. We didn't have a typical wedding, we had instead a handfasting. And while a lot of people would have been confused as to what was going on, Rev. Ron wrote into the ceremony very nicely all the significance of the various parts of a handfasting with out it sounding like a history lesson. Everyone enjoyed it greatly, and learned a little something too. Thank you Rev. Ron.


Reverend Ron was easy to work with, patient, and kind. He took a lot of time to work with us to get the ceremony to the point where it was absolutely perfect. Our guests were all commenting on how beautiful his words were, and many wanted to know where we found him. We would recommend Reverend Ron to anyone who wants the perfect ceremony. We're sure that anyone who has Reverend Ron do their wedding will be delighted with him.


I'm taking the time to write this letter, so that everyone will understand how special Rev. Ron is to Samantha and myself. Because Sam and I are from different religious backgrounds we were very worried about our ceremony and how our families would view it. We expressed this concern to Rev. Ron and he immediately made us feel at ease. I have to say that just like he assured us, all of our worries were for naught, as Rev. Ron created a ceremony that made both of our families so very happy. He incorporated traditions from both of our religions, and he actually made my father cry with his beautiful words. So many of our family and friends have commented on what a beautiful job he did. It's now almost 2 weeks after our wedding and we are still getting phone calls with praise for the ceremony that he created for us. The beautiful Certificate of Marriage that Rev. Ron made for us is already framed and hanging in our living room. Rev. Ron will always have a special place in our hearts.


My fiance and I were looking for an Officiant to marry us. We found Reverend Ron Isaacs by chance, and he graciously offered his services. He treated us like family and worked hard to provide for us a great and varied ceremony suited to our particular spiritual needs. We definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated minister for any occasion. Our wedding guests are still coming up to both my husband and I with praise for Reverend Ron and his service.

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