Rev. James Hary

Strongsville, OH

(440) 829-7425

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8 Reviews:


Everything went perfectly for our wedding. Totally stress free. We highly recommend Rev. Hary to all future brides and grooms!


Rev. Hary was caring, on time, and very personable. He did a good job and he was affordable. There was nothing more we could have hoped for in an officiant.


The words that Rev. Hary used in his ceremony were touching and significant. Not a bunch of blah, blah, blah. He cost much less than any of the other officiants we had contacted. We were lucky to have gotten him.


Rev. Hary was very accommodating to us. He helped to make sure everything went the way we wanted, and it did. He was excellent. Thanks again, Rev. Hary!


Wonderful ceremony and reasonable fee. The minister is a real one, not an internet ordained pretender from some make believe cyber church. Rev. Hary was willing to come to our house or reception hall, but we got married in his quaint church. It was GREAT!


I'm the third one in our family to use Rev. Hary. He's good at what he does and he is a very pleasant guy to be around and talk with. His fee is pretty cheap and easily fit into our wedding budget. I/we wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of an officiant for their wedding.


Rev. Hary was well prepared, patient, and we felt blessed to have him. He made us feel relaxed and at ease at both the rehearsal and wedding. No easy task!


We were pleased with our wedding and the service we got. My family raved about how nice it all was. Rev. Hary was good and his fee was very much less than others we had called.

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