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Spanaway, WA

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Gay (same sex), Non-denominational, wedding celebrations, all done with dignity and customized as the participants wish. Rates are $150.00 - $250.00 depending on service length and agenda. Travel expenses are separate considerations.

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“Mr. Allen accepted our short notice request when others could not. He was great. He kept our same sex marriage ceremony very special and intimate. It was tailored for us, taking special notes to our personal life experiences. Even my mother cried!”

Alex and Brandon

“Talking with Mr Allen was like visiting a long time friend. He took the time to find out who we were and why we wanted to make this commitment. Then when it came to the ceremony his suggestions and resources for embellishments added such meaning to the usual vows, not only for us but for our families.”

Randall and Felicia Barnaby

“Mr Allen agreed to do our ceremony with such short notice, and still made it so special. Thank goodness he had so much insight on the set up as well as the ceremony. One bit of advice i will always remember at our first meeting was "keep the ceremony small and intimate and then have a GREAT party after to celebrate. That's what you want to share... the celebration.”

Jonnie & Mike

“He was super. He listened to us and wrote down our quotes of each other then used them most respectfully in our ceremony. He really listened. My Aunt asked how long Mr Allen had known us because he sounded like a long time friend. He is now. Made the day unforgettable.”

Jacob and Ryan

“Mr Allen was so patient with our wedding jitters. Even my mother commented on how Mr Allen accepted the all the changes! So many extended family to consider. He did a great job. Even injected a bit of humor on the big day, at the last minute! I thought the breathing exercises for the bride and the father were priceless.”

Tom Bakker & Elise Rockwell

“Mr Allen was great. He performed our commitment ceremony with only a weeks notice. He met with us, and wrote a ceremony specifically for us. He included our family members in a beautiful candle lighting or passing of the flame which Jonathon and I then accepted from our parents and joined together. Very symbolic for us. Mr Allen even connected us with a photographer and caterer. He was a miracle worker and we needed one!”

Jonathon and Blake Tuscan

“The man was great. He drove to the Tacoma waterfront to perform our ceremony in the Rain! No shortcuts, no panic. "the unexpected is to be expected, life at its best, he said". We called him at the last minute as our previously scheduled minister took ill the night before. You saved the day Mr Allen! we will remember our beginning for a lifetime. "Expect the unexpected!".”

Michael and Jessie Blair

“Mr Allen was a big hit with all the wedding party. The rehearsal was the funniest and best time of all. He got us through it AND we had fun. My brother in law came up after the wedding and said "he really likes performing weddings, you can see it in his eyes!". Mr Allen gave us several ceremonies to choose from and then he wrote some special words just for us. Mr Allen not only performed the ceremony but he talked to the audience as he did, asking them to remember and cherish with us. After the ceremony Mr Allen gave us an envelope with the entire ceremony printed on parchment for a keepsake. That was unexpectedly cool! My mother asked him if he would renew my parents vows for their 60th anniversary. Thanks.”

Tammy & Jacob Butler

“Mr Allen performed a commitment ceremony for my partner and myself this last month. He customized the whole ceremony for us, after talking and getting to know what made up our lives together. Our families were caught up in the emotion of the meaning and truth expressed by Mr Allen in bringing our lives together. The sand ceremony was a big hit! But the candle lighting that started with each sides family members lighting a candle and then passing the flame to the next member ending with each of us. Together we lit the unity candle once the flame reached us. My mother she cried as she finally understood the union taking place before her eyes.”

Philip Travers & Jonathon Smythe

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Spanaway, WA

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