Rabbi Joe Eiduson

Sudbury, MA

(617) 416-5005

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Rabbi Joe was easy to work with and very professional. Many guests commented that the best part of the wedding was the ceremony (which is saying a lot, as everyone danced at our reception!).


We were looking for a Rabbi who could help us through all the twists and turns of an interfaith marriage. We were lucky enough to be referred to Rabbi Eiduson. Right away, his friendly and welcoming attitude put us at ease while he answered all our questions and concerns at our first meeting. We met with him two additional times in our 6 month engagement. We did not want a heavily religious ceremony, but wanted to include some Jewish traditions that were meaningful to us. Rabbi Eiduson educated us on the traditions of a Jewish wedding, and worked with us to craft a ceremony that was not only meaningful to us, but also was comfortable for us and our families. Rabbi Eiduson achieved this through conversation, a little bit of homework, and from utilizing his experience and knowledge. He far exceeded our expectations. We received so many compliments on our ceremony from so many of our guests. We're really apprieciative to Rabbi Eiduson for guiding us through our journey.

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