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San Francisco, CA
(415) 987-5946
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Thank you for doing such a beautiful makeup job on me on my wedding day. Your makeup is flawless lasted all day and so did my hair.You are very professional in every way. I highly recommend Primadonnamakeover. Thank You.


I was stunning, thank you Primadonnamakoever for making all my dreams come true.. YOU MADE ME FLAWLESS...


WOW, Flawless, Beautiful, Stunning my husband cried when he saw me... Thanks.


I have worked w/ primadonnamakeover several times at wedding. All the brides are beautiful but after Primadonnamakeover is done WOW.. All the brides are so happy tho have had primedonnamakaoever Im a photographer and all my pictures come out Flawless do to the special makeup that they use. Can't wait to work with you again. Thanks


Fell in love with primadonnamakeovers website and had to call. Their work is Flawless, Professional, Certified and the most beautiful girls to work with. Yolanda made all my dreams come true. The best thing is they come to YOU. Flawless work Thank You Call Primadonnamakeover.


I got married in Scottsdale, AZ. Yolanda came to Scottsdale and did beautiful makeup & hair on my girls & myself, Very professional certified and a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you for making my dreams come true.


Yolanda was wonderful to work with certified and professional. She took great care of me and my girls. She came to my house on time. And even had her come to the church and reception for touch-ups. Yolanda is AWESOME! Thanks.


Loved working with Yolanda. Her calm demeanor and professional attitude were helpful on such a stressful day. I came across her website and saw the beautiful photos of the brides she'd already worked with, and called her and booked a trial and wedding date. Knowing I was in good hands on my wedding day was a huge relief. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


I came from Ohio to San Francisco to get married and needed a makeup artist and hair. I found Primadonnamakeover and Yolanda connected with me right away. She earned my trust and delivered on all her promises. I was thrilled with her beautiful work. She was so flexible she even stood in as my bridesmaid! Thank You


Yolanda was professional and really flexible with all of us. She does amazing work. I received lots of compliments throughout the wedding day. Thank you Primadonnamakeover for making us so beautiful..


I got married to the love of my life. I want to thank Primadonnamakeover for your Beautiful work that you did on my wife, mom & girls in the wedding..



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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014