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Photos by Vikki g

Lodi, CA

(209) 663-9800

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Vikki was my photographer for my wedding and I am so glad I found her! Some of the shots she got just amazed me and I had no idea she even got those shots. She was there all day and we didn't even notice she was there most of the time. I think that was good because on a day like that, you really don't want a photographer constantly in your face or the guest's. Her photos are amazing and she, as a person, is also. I have kept in contact with her and I am so glad I have. I will definitely use her any chance I get. Thank you Vikki!


Vikki did our wedding and it was indoors. We really liked the photos - and while the posed ones were quite good, the candid shots were phenomenal!


Vikki g has taken photos at various events for us for several years. We have been thoroughly satisfied every time. We have referred many friends and they have all loved their wedding photos. Indoors or out - they are perfect!


State-side and Europe I have attended and participated in weddings where Vikki was the photographer. Each time she was where she needed to be at the right time and produced the finest wedding photos. I'm a fan of candid shots and was more than satisfied. Of course the traditional posed groups and couples shots are wonderful too. Thanks Vikki g.

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