Photography by Roland Gozun

Gurnee, IL
(847) 962-1549
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3 Reviews:


Roland and Jane were very helpful on my wedding day! I had so much fun with them. They make time for you and they never complain. The best thing about them is that they follow what you want and how you want your pictures. They are professional and they are worth it!


Roland and Jane did a great job. The quality of the pictures was awesome. The 2 of them worked really good together gathering people together and taking pictures after the wedding. Roland demonstrated a lot of creativity on the scenery and places where the pictures were taken. Both of them related well with the wedding party, which made taking the pictures more fun. In summary, their performance kicked butt.


Roland and Jane were awesome and they made our whole wedding experience amazing! They are so fun to work with and took the most amazing photos of our special day. My wife and I are sooo happy with their work. We still look back at the photos and are amazed at the work! They captured everything we wanted and more!

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014