Photography by Benamoz Ltd.

New York, NY

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We were so thrilled with our engagement photos and absolutley can't wait until the big day! You and Dan are thoughtful, creative, and really took the time to create beautiful images that were a true reflection of us. Planning a wedding is exciting but at times crazy stressful! Knowing that you are in good hands makes a world of difference. We are so happy that you will be with us throughout our special day!


I am so grateful for the amazing photographs. They are beautiful memories that I will have and cherish forever! I can see the work and talent that went into your incredible work and they are appreciated and admired every day. Thank you so much!


Your images have captured me in a way that I could only dream of. The concept was realized in a larger than life way. Thank you both for sharing in my dream.


Thank you for your wonderful job, creativity and enthusiasm! The world certainly is better for people like you!


I just want to thank the both of you again for the amazing experience it was to have the two of you as our photographers. Out of all the money we spent on this wedding, I feel that the money we put towards photography was well worth it and, in my opinion, the money that was the most well spent. I would like to get a hold of you in about a year's time for those boudoir photos. I look forward to it actually! It's fun being a model. I couldn't be one otherwise! I still have people asking about you from our wedding video. I'm not surprised, though. Your work speaks for itself.

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