Paul Marcus Photos

Round Rock, TX

(512) 633-5624

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We hired Paul Marcus Photos to "re-shoot" some outdoor wedding photos for us because our original wedding photographer never delivered our photos! We waited over 6 months and still had NOTHING. Our session with Rich was great, stress free, and actually FUN. He delivered our edited photos on time as promised and we are very pleased. He helped our bad situation turn around for good. But yes... we are suing the original photographer. Do yourself a favor and hire Paul Marcus Photos!


We are extremely pleased with the creative work done by Rich, a gifted photographer who is highly professional and kind! Our pictures are true treasures and we look forward to using Paul Marcus Photos for future occasions!


Rich from Paul Marcus Photos did a wonderful job on our wedding day. He showed up early and captured photos all day from us getting ready until late into our reception. The photos were beautiful! Thank you Rich for an awesome experience. We will use him for our other photography needs!

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014