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We could not have found a better photographer than Beth-Ann for our wedding day! She knew exactly which moments we wanted to cherish forever and her photos allow us to relive our special day from every angle and perspective. Precious seconds that were overlooked came to life the first time we viewed the photos and it feels like we didn't miss a single detail. We were in complete awe of how she knew exactly where to be and when to be there - all while going unnoticed and making everyone comfortable around the camera. Our coffee table albums were arranged perfectly and the DVD still feels magical each time we watch it. Beth-Ann is a wonderful individual, friend and photographer. We couldn't have picked anyone better to be behind the camera on our wedding day.


Beth-Ann is the most amazing photographer I have ever met! Both she and her husband are extremely talented photographers. She made sure we had fun at our engagement shoot and that we looked fantastic in every photo! There isn't one picture from our entire shoot that I wasn't absolutely in love with. I'm extremely excited to have her do my bridal portrait shoot and our wedding day. Both I and my family are sure to use her for every occasion we have in the future!


I LOVE them! I can't stop looking at them! Thank you so much! The [pictures] you sent are amazing! And I love the book! I can't thank you enough for making it such a fun experience for us, and the pictures turning out the way they did just makes it that much better. Thanks again!

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