Micha-Angel Productions

San Antonio, TX

(210) 775-2076

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3 Reviews:


Excellent service. Excellent product. Pictures are superb. From what we have seen of the video, it is coming together just as they promised. Definitely would recommend this company!


It was really hard to find find a vendor willing to work during the Christmas and New Year season. I was afraid that any company I got would be there under duress and stress, and would not want to be there. That wasn't this case with this company. The crew and staff of Micha-Angel Productions was timely, professional and of good Christmas/New Year's cheer. Pictures turned out great and the video is wonderful.


Micha-Angel Productions did an awesome job with our photography and video. They worked with us and told us everything they needed to in order to capture our special day, and we worked with them. They explained what they could and could not do. They respected our privacy during prep and were consummate professionals during the day. Bottom line -- you can’t go wrong with this company.

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