Melissa Craig - Wedding Officiant

Corpus Christi, TX
(361) 563-3716
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Melissa kept us on the right track. I was a mess trying to put everything together coming from San Antonio, I had left several important things for the ceremony. Melissa brought some items from her home and put it all together. She jumped in to help. Thank you Melissa.


Melissa, We want to thank you for marrying us. The vows were beautiful and just what we wanted to say to each other. I am enjoying being a wife and hope that we can become parents soon! God bless you.


I agree with the reviews above. I was 6 months pregnant with a crying toddler on my hip during the ceremony. She distracted him by telling him he could have cake in a few minutes. It was humorous, and he calmed down and sat with my mom. Finally, we could look into each others eyes, with no distractions, and it seemed like it was just us at the Art Center. The vows were heartfelt and even though we have been together since high school, and have children, Melissa brought us together as a complete family. I had my dream wedding!


Oh what an unbelievable night! It was raining cats and dogs and it was my wife's dream to get married on the beach. We drove over 400 miles with some of our closest friends for this incredible day. The umbrellas turned inside out, and the wind was blowing us all away, but Melissa married us in the pouring rain... she did not miss a beat. After our vows were over, my wife and I jumped into the ocean, "taking the plunge"... our guests followed us in. It was the best wedding ever, and we were so happy that Melissa was such a good sport about it all. We just want to thank her for everything she did for us.


After 4 years of being engaged, we finally did it! Melissa married us on Captain Clarks boat and we had a blast! She was such a good sport with all of us there celebrating on board. It could not have been a better day for us all. She even helped me find a photographer and cake. Thanks again!


Thank you for the experience! Melissa had so many great ideas about where to get married, and the best time of day. She didn't charge us extra for anything special. We had the wedding we always wanted. We loved the sand ceremony!


Thank you for making our day so special. We will always think of Melissa as a friend and hope we can come back to Corpus Christi to renew our vows in the future. She was thoughtful and understanding, and true to her word, performed the ceremony exactly how we wanted it. She is very sweet.

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