Manalo Empire Photography

San Dimas, CA

(626) 209-1277

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Deciding on a wedding photographer is a big task when planning your own wedding, after all, you want to look back and have a huge smile on your face as opposed to regretting who you allowed to document one of the most important days of your life, right? I had very little time to prepare for my wedding when it was my turn to marry my fiancée, so I was on a race to get everything prepared. A higher power/luck had it that one of my husband’s friends from way back in the day is married to a photographer, and enter Lucy Manalo from Manalo Empire photography. Now I cannot begin to describe it, but from the first moment I met with Lucy I just knew she was the one! Her personality shines the moment you meet her and it’s so easy to feel comfortable around her, which is great when you want to explain what you’re looking for when it comes to your wedding pictures. While looking at samples of her work, which she brought with her on our first meeting, I can immediately tell she’s very detail oriented. The quality and time she puts to make sure her photography is above expectations is obvious in her portraits. She makes sure to always capture those important details and knows what she’s talking about when it comes to what works and what doesn’t work in relations to lighting, poses and background. Her final product is simply put THE BEST and she stands by her excellent reputation. Since the first meeting with Lucy, we have worked on numerous projects and even after the wedding every time a special occasion arises I make sure I book Lucy first. I’m very proud to say that Lucy has helped capture such wonderful moments such as my engagement portraits, wedding portraits, maternity portraits and I felt such comfort with Lucy I even asked her to be there for the birth of my child and help capture that wonderful day. Now I can’t wait to work with her again on my baby’s first birthday party, and if course, once the date was set I made sure to call Lucy first and book her since I know that month is very very busy. Now I can go on and on with all the wonderful things I can describe about Lucy, but in reality I can also simply say, go with Lucy, you will not be disappointed with her work, and I don’t know of anybody that has, I always recommend her to my family and friends because I know she will do an exceptional job. I want to thank you Lucy because you have helped me remember my most special moments just the way I’m supposed to with the beautiful work you do. I am one to have a smile when I look at the portraits you have taken of my family and I and I can’t be any happier. You are one of a kind! So there it is! When you want professionalism, understanding, good listener and excellent photographer, go with Lucy Manalo from Manalo Empire Photography, and you will be very happy you did!


Where do I start with Lucy of Manalo Empire? I was searching for photographers for my engagement pictures and wedding. One of my friends from grade school told me about Lucy and how much of an amazing photographer she was and said she was so sweet that I would love her and her work. I had spoken to several photographers prior to Lucy and I didn't feel at ease with any of them. From the first time I spoke to Lucy I knew she was an amazing person and when I saw her work I was sold! I have never been happier with my decision! When I met Lucy in person I knew she was going to be our photographer! I felt at ease and didn't feel pressured. I was so excited to have her as my photographer. Through the entire process from the meetings, to engagement pictures all the way to our wedding Lucy was not only my photographer but she became an amazing friend! My engagement pictures were absolutely beautiful and it was so much fun. Her turn around time was perfect! When our wedding day came I was under so much stress but Lucy made me feel better and my pictures oh man I felt like they were those in the bridal magazines. I was so happy. If you are looking for an wonderful photographer with an amazing heart you came to the right place with Manalo Empire. I can't wait when I get pregnant to have Lucy of Manalo Empire take beautiful shots for us! Thank you Lucy.

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