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King's Event Planning

Richmond, MO

(816) 266-0101

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A wedding planner is a necessity as I learned by watching you run all over the place to take care of us. You were like 100 people in one, always right with me when I needed you, and you thought of everything before I did. You are like a super hero:) like a super wedding hero. I could have never imagined the experience that you gave us. No worries, no stressing, only love! You are amazing at what you do and if I could marry my husband again every day of my life I would choose you!


LOVE LOVE LOVE Dusty with Dusty King's Event Planning! If you want someone helping you plan your special day and has your best interest at heart, you must befriend Dusty! She has a gift of finding venues that your heart desires and at the prices you want to pay. Dusty is great with vendors and can get them competing for your business. I also want to ad that I live in San Diego and she helped me plan my wedding renewal from Kansas, never stepping foot in San Diego. I was amazed at her skills.


I've known Dusty of King's Event Planning for 25 years and am so blessed to know her! She has fabulous vision, creativity and artistry, brilliant people skills and outstanding organizational skills. She will take the time to get to know you, your style, needs, requests and create your perfect event!

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WedFolio Top Reviewed 2015WedFolio Top Reviewed 2014WedFolio Top Reviewed 2013