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We had to find a local minister online & we chose Nancy Smith due to her warm personality over the phone. Her attention to detail and her ideas were wonderful. Nancy was like an old friend I'd known forever. She created a ceremony that fit us perfectly. To this day, our friends and family will say how much they enjoyed it and I tell them we have Nancy to thank. Her energy is beautiful, warm, and inviting. I can't imagine our wedding day to be as special without her.


My family was thrilled with Rev. Nancy Smith's handling of our wedding. We had an outside wedding in a gazebo my dad had built. The theme of the wedding was "Cowboy" and she even agreed to wear jeans, boots and a cowboy hat! We couldn't believe it. She is so kind and fun, too! At one point I even started to cry. She paused and spoke softly to me. I felt better instantly. She saved the day and my wedding.


We were so fortunate to find Rev. Nancy Smith! She met with us, asked questions about things I hadn't even thought of and made sure everything went smoothly. We even decided to change the order of the service 2 days before the wedding. She was so nice and assured us it wasn't a problem. We just felt so safe with her taking care of everything - what a professional! Thanks so much Rev. Nancy!


When I first laid eyes on Rev. Nancy Smith I knew she was the one for us! She promised to do her best to make my dreams for the ceremony happen and her gentle confident manner exceeded my vision. Roger and I were thrilled with Rev. Nancy and would recommend her to everyone!

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014