Inclusive Wedding Officiant - Open Episcopal Church

Bloomington, IN

(812) 345-6514

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What a fantastic day my son's wedding was. Fr. Daniel was very patient with us as everything ran at least half an hour late. He was very friendly and courteous and would highly recommend him for any wedding ceremony. Such a lovely person. Thank you Fr. Daniel!


Father Daniel was a true blessing. Two weeks before our wedding our friend who was supposed to marry us told us he had not yet taken the steps to become ordained. In a panic, we started looking for someone to marry us. We eventually found Father Daniel and were amazed that he would be willing to work with us on such short notice. He was very helpful with ceremony reading ideas and had no problem with us wanting to use our own creation.


Father Daniel! I have nothing but positive and overwhelming love to share. From the very start I felt very comfortable and connected to Father Daniel. We mostly corresponded via email, but Father Daniel has a way of making you feel as though we were face to face. Anthony and I had been through a lot in our lifetime, as we're not spring chicks. I wanted our ceremony to be based on our travels and experiences in life. Although we knew what vows we wanted, we weren't sure how to go about the rest.


Father Kostakis performed our wedding ceremony this past month. He did a custom liturgy and did a wonderful job! He was very professional and confident and he personally made us a marriage certificate that we could frame. He met with us before the wedding to discuss our ceremony and worked with the ceremony that we wanted to make it best fit us and our personalities. After the ceremony, numerous people came up to both me and Father Kostakis to tell us how beautiful the ceremony was.

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