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Hope Ministries - Rev. Douglas M. Bilyeu, M Div.

Wallingford, PA

(484) 947-1920

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The man is a delight. I received him from a referral of a website that I went on. The first time I spoke with Rev. Doug, I told Brian that he was the minister for us! He has a wonderful sense of humor and a kind, caring, and loving attitude. Took the time to explain our options and asked us for a photo of the two of us and sent us one of him performing a wedding last summer. Because of distance and work, we could not set up an in-person meeting. He exceeded our expectations. I admire and respect him.


I first met Rev. Doug at a friend's wedding in Chester County, PA. He gave me his business card and for some reason I always held onto it. When Gary asked me to marry him, I said I met a minister that I know is meant to marry me. Sounds strange but true. I contacted Rev. Doug and we went from there. He was quite taken back that I kept his business card. The wedding he performed was one of beauty and grace. He made me feel like the bride I always hoped to be!

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