Harmony Wedding Photography

Los Angeles, CA

(877) 310-6333

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Thank you so much Star! The engagement session, the wedding images and now our family portraits! So much talent and care, THANK YOU!


Thank you for the beautiful engagement session! Love our photos!


Star, how can we thank you enough, you're a pro. Thank you for the beautiful images and making our wedding and engagement session a wonderful experience.


HARMONY YOU ARE AMAZING! I love the review above, she took the words out of my mouth, Star you rock it! YOUR IMAGES ARE STELLAR JUST LIKE YOUR NAME! THANK GOD FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS LIKE YOU!


Listen, I'm a photographer myself so I don't appreciate being told by the Walmarts and McDonalds's of the Wedding Photography industry I can not email or call one of the sub contracted photographers I like from "THE MOST USED wedding photography companies of Southern California", but that I have to make an appointment with the contracting company to then speak with one that will be ASSIGNED to me. (I don't give a sh*t about your company, or about the fact that you stamp your name all over great photos that were taken by a sub contracting photographer with TALENT that cant be recognized because they are tying to make ends meet by working for you!) I also refuse to purchase one of their LUDICROUS packages which includes pointless items with pictures plastered all over them that i may or may not even like! , .. As you can see I'm a difficult customer when it comes to MY Wedding Photography. THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN I FOUND STAR AND HARMONY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY! My experience with Harmony Wedding Photography was the most satisfying transaction I have ever had. The time I bought 2 vintage purses, a belt, 3 necklaces and a wallet for a total of $20 was ALMOST as satisfying as this but not quite as much. I mean I got the tingles... it was euphoric. First of all, Star Sargenti (Chief Photographer) is by far the most angelic human being on the face of this God forsaken planet. I love her... like.. love her. If I was lesbian and not getting married to a man... I'd want to marry her. When I inquired about the service initially, I didn't get a call back from a receptionist or a sales person. No, SHE contacted me. An actual photographer talking to ME! I was astonished! She got to know me and what I want. She made this entire experience smooth and carefree. So much so that when I was stressed beyond my own comprehension and had coffee with her... everything became calm, clear and simple. The day of my wedding, she handled it amazingly. She got people together, she moved people away, she displayed her creativity and captured the most important moment of my life (so far) BEAUTIFULLY! Please, Don't fall prey to the scamming blood suckers that is the Wedding Photography industry, Call Harmony, Speak to a f*cken person, a genuine human being (although like I said, she's more angelic than a normal person). Seriously. I don't f*ck around.


Star, Harmony! How can we thank you for all the beautiful images, we love your work and passion for your art! THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Harmony Wedding Photography really captures the moment in a very artistic way! We love our pictures and album too! Beautiful, Beautiful! Thank you Team Harmony!


We appreciate all you have done and captured for our wedding and engagement images. Your talent and professionalism is truly stellar! THANK YOU TEAM HARMONY!


Harmony is the best! Thank you so much for our beautiful images! From the engagement to the wedding Harmony, Star Sargenti has been there the whole way! We love you Harmony, Star Sargenti.


Harmony doesn't treat you like a "client"... , .. , .. They make you feel good about the process and the photos... , .. STUNNING! Star and Michael are incredible! We shopped around prior to our wedding. When we spoke to Star and saw Harmony's work... , .. , we just knew! The quality and the style is unparalleled! Just talking about them... makes me all warm inside! I love them! They are THE BEST!

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