GS3 Wedding Photography

Lewis Center, OH

(614) 578-0491

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7 Reviews:


GS3 Photography will be at our wedding in ATL. We are so excited! Great prices and We LOVE your work.


We met Georgio and Amanda at a bridal show last week. We loved their personalities and display at the show. We have booked them to do our wedding in September 2012. We are pleased with their prices and happy to know that they even do payments. Awesome!


Yoshito and his team were excellent to work with. We had a very enjoyable wedding and reception. I am happy with all the photos. WONDERFUL! THANK YOU.


It was great to see you at the bridal show on Sunday. You both have the best personalities and I plan to book you for our wedding in September 2012 We love your work. Unique, Stylish and Fun. Not to mention that you have nice prices too. Calling you this week!


We just booked our wedding for Spring of 2012 with Amanda And Georgio. So excited! Very reasonable and sounds like fun to work with. Thank you both. We can't wait!


We love our photos! Amanda and Georgio were fun, detailed and professional. They made my husband and I at ease. We knew that they got every shot they could get and more. They were all over the place! AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHERS! Thank you both!


GS3 photographed our wedding! What an outstanding pair! Georgio and Amanda were amazing to work with!

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