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Glass Slipper Photography

Mendocino, CA

(707) 937-3583

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Thank you so much for all the great photos. There are so many I had no idea you guys were even around to capture. We are so happy with all your great work. We can't thank you enough. I knew you guys did great work and were the type of artist we were looking for but when I see our wedding moments captured in the same way, words just can't say enough. I would like to thank you again.


Thank you! Baqi and Natalia took the most beautiful wedding pictures at our elopement in Mendocino. The moment I showed all of our family and friends they teared up and told me they could see how much we loved each other in every photograph, and that they were the most beautiful wedding pictures they had ever seen. They spent so much time with us (mostly helping me to feel comfortable.) They were so thoughtful, and kind. It was really important for us to have beautiful pictures to show our family because we eloped, and they surpassed all expectations. I was amazed at how they captured every moment, I can't thank them enough. Anyone who gets a chance to work with Baqi and Natalia should consider themselves extremely lucky.

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WedFolio Top Reviewed 2015WedFolio Top Reviewed 2014WedFolio Top Reviewed 2013