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Flowers OMG

Port Orange, FL

(855) 963-8368

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Flowers OMG went far beyond what I expected. My flowers were amazing and exactly what I wanted. There were a lot of last minute additions and it was no problem for Genoa at Flowers OMG. She also helped me with an issue I had with another vendor involving flowers and was even able to provide me some lighting for the wedding.


Thank you so MUCH for making our wedding celebration perfect!


I owe the team at Flowers OMG a world of thanks! Without them, the most amazing day of my life would not have been possible. You were there to help with any problem or task I could think of and even some I never would have thought of without you. You helped my mom & I keep our sanity and probably saved us from killing each other along the way! I can't imagine what this exprience would have been like without your help. All I know is that my wedding was more incredible that I thought it would or could have been and it's all because of you! Thank you so much!

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