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Elder Rose Ministries

Columbus, OH

(614) 725-4522

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Rev. Linda and Rev. Laura were so professional, reliable, and kind. They were there always available to answer questions or address any concerns that we had. Rev. Laura even helped set-up the altar table for our Rose and Candle Ceremony. I would recommend Elder Rose Ministries to anyone that is looking for a caring and professional wedding officiant. They will go the extra mile to help you.


Rev. Lacey was very professional. She really made our day special. We would recommend her or any one of the Ministers at Elder Rose Ministries.


The ministers at Elder Rose Ministries were great. They were very professional and polite. They helped us create a ceremony that include our daughter. They even did a dinner blessing at our reception for us. They made us feel great. They were wonderful. They really made our day very special. We would recommend the any couple looking to get married.


Elder Rose Ministries did our Elopement ceremony at their home. They even included our son in the ceremony. They were the only ones that we contacted that was willing to marry us on such a short notice. They were both very professional. They even made our son feel welcomed. We would recommend them to anyone that is looking to get married.


Rev. Gallant was very nice, professional, and informative. We had a holiday wedding outside. She helped us pick out the most beautiful wedding ceremony. Her assistant that came with her to our wedding even took pictures and sent them to us a couple a days after our wedding. They were both so nice and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone that is thinking about getting married.


Elder Rose Ministries was great. They were there every step of the way. The ministers and staff at the ministry were very helpful, friendly, and professional. I would recommend any of the ministers at Elder Rose Ministries to any bride and groom that is looking to get married. They really do love what they do.

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