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Damian Martin TV/Video Productions

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Binghamton, NY

(877) 868-8843

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Over 25 years of visual excellence! Our crew are award winning professionals from the TV and Movie Industries. We offer High definition and Standard definition productions.

“Very professional, the picture quality of the video is very good! We paid the same price as the other video companies were charging for a better quality video from a company with more years experience. This company is the best way to go, no question!”


“With costs spiraling out of control, we were hesitant to book video because we thought my uncle could just shoot it on his HD camcorder for free. We were so wrong! These guys have been doing this for years so there are no surprises or mistakes for them. A delight to work with, and very non-obtrusive shooting style! The picture quality is also amazing, so much better than Uncle Charlie's that's for sure! The videographer also coordinated his shooting with our photographer and DJ so no one got in each others way, so cool! Our video was the last service booked, but the only one we still utilize today by viewing! Highly recommended! As far as my uncle Charlie's video you ask? He missed most of my reception because he was at the bar all night... argh! Good save on our part booking video!”


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