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DJ Jason... It's Jan 2012, and I'm still receiving so many compliments from the guests at our Dec 2011 reception, and about the music & ceremony to reception event transition. My husband is a classical musician and was very particular on who & what kind of DJ "we" wanted. We were completely amazed at what you did with our play list. Your DJ voice announcements - awesome. The timing & music mixes were impeccable, as was witnessed from the overflowing dance floor for every "Classic Hit' song. Thank you again for making our event extra special. O-M-G You were really were worth it!”


Jason, thank you again for your DJ services, with all the rain & windstorms of Irene in FBurg VA. We had changed the ceremony & reception time from 300PM back to 12 noon, but the musicians didn't arrive until 2PM. You graciously provided the ceremony music, just 15 min before showtime. The food was great, but the DJ music sets the tone for a wonderful celebration, even on our less-than great day. A seasoned Banquet Manager & staff, Photographer, and DJ will always make the event memorable, even with changes that occur. We chose a pro DJ that knows how to make it happen, and did! Thank you ever so much.


We met several DJs about 14 months before our wedding. Some services wouldn’t even tell us who would be the event DJ. We definitely wanted to meet with the actual event DJ to see if we clicked. By far, Jason of Classic Hits Entertainment, made us the most comfortable. He also had a very reasonable price, and it was well worth it. While working with him the next few months he answered all our questions, gave some suggestions, and made us feel at ease. He let us pick the style, our songs, and a "Not-to-Play-List" / etc. Jason kept in contact about once a month to check in on us, and assist in the event agenda. One week before the wedding, Julia and I called for final planning issues. We had emailed both play-lists. He was very patient with our hesitancy. We gave him the order of the evening’s events and he gave great suggestions as to when to do things such as the cake cutting/etc. Jason arrived at the reception (about 90 min before) the promised time. The event room was not quite cleared from the earlier event, which I didn't realize went one hour passed their scheduled time. He was patient and had all the necessary DJ equip ready to set-up, as the tables were reset. We were married at 1:00 PM at the church, and the event room was scheduled for 6:00-11:00 PM. Many guests checked into their hotel room there, but still got lost and arrived 30 minutes later. There were about 175 guests, and the banquet staff prepared the room just in time. At the last minute, we requested light jazz during dinner at his discretion. You only noticed the music if you really listened for it, just as we wanted! His timing on special songs and announcements were impeccable; he even kept notes of our conversations the weeks prior. We gave him latitude to play songs of his choice, and requests from guests, within our prescribed genre. All the choices were excellent. Here is a direct quote from the Maid-of-Honor to the bride, 'I want to tell you that the music was great! The best that I have heard. Real fun, and I actually had to sit down because I was tired! We got at least 25 similar comments and we haven’t talked to everyone yet. Other comments: 'I can’t believe so many people danced given the diversity of the crowd, 'Wow, I didn’t sit down the whole night.' My dad was the hit of the party. He is in his 60's and I don’t think he sat down the whole night. Because of the (time) circumstances beyond anyone’s control, we had to alter the order of events and Jason went with it. He adapted very well and made us quite at ease taking care of the changes. From the first song to the end, the dance floor was really full. Thank you for helping to make our night extra special. I would highly recommend DJ Jason for any wedding event.


Jason was the emergency DJ we called "that reception day morning, " because the original DJ had an illness. How can I say this… Jason did an incredible job at our wedding ceremony & reception, and all guests never knew. He performed like clockwork the entire event, not only provided great music, but did an outstanding job with all the agenda, announcements, intros, without missing a beat! We feel very fortunate to have found Jason to handle our special day. Everyone is still talking about what a great time they had. We must certainly acknowledge of the role that the DJ provides is more than just music. "YES" we would highly recommend Jason, and even at the last minute as well. Thanks for an outstanding job!


The wedding mayhem has subsided, & we just wanted to thank you for all your fine efforts that contributed to the success of our wedding in Fredericksburg VA. Your flexibility in having to set up more than once (3 times) in the outside garden for the ceremony (due to on/off thunderstorms), and the professional way you ran the ceremony & reception was a real source of comfort for us. Jason was great. Earlier, he had lots of ideas on how to make our wedding unique, and had a good read on the crowd, keeping everyone dancing throughout our reception. We really appreciate all that you did for us and would recommend you to everyone. This was a second time around for both of us, now in our 50s, you helped us to be young at heart.


Thank you so much for your DJ services during our ceremony & wedding June 2010. You did a fantastic job in keeping our guests entertained the entire evening. During the ceremony, you played the music I selected - as I wanted/when I them played. You added your mix to stretch the time needed to complete it. Great match ! Everyone danced throughout the reception, including myself (and I don't normally dance). I have received so many great comments about your DJ services and "that distinctive Radio DJ voice." You were only a part timer at WBIG in the late 1990s, and would have made the other DJs jealous. As a matter fact, my wedding planner was a bit concerned about the various types of music, that would be necessary at our wedding, due to the diverse cultures that we had invited. However, when I saw over 75% of the guests on the dance floor, I really felt at ease. The rest... is history. Everyone stayed on the dance floor 'til the end (@ 12 midnight). We started the ceremony at 330 PM and you were right - about the guests (even in a hotel) were 15-20 min late. You had 2 DJ setups, one for the ground floor and one up on the 21st floor. That's why I booked a room for you... just in case. It was the least I could do for you and your wife of 20 years. Best wishes and W-B-I-G 100.3 Thank You.


Jason, Thank you very much for your outstanding DJ services at our recent reception for our Son & Daughter-in-law. We received many compliments at the reception, including you as our DJ. I shared your cards. As the truth be known, I was unsure of you, or any other DJ, when I hired you, for fear that the reception we were planning would become a venue for yet another overzealous DJ of the type that we have seen overpower so many other wedding receptions. Suddenly, it seems, the reception too often becomes a "all about the DJ show, " who sees himself as a headliner, and showing off that makes table talk between guests impossible, even in the far corners of the room. Forgive us if this sounds like a left-handed compliment, but having suffered through too many bad DJs as a guest at wedding receptions, your first class work at our reception was appreciated. Your choice of background (Smooth Jazz and Classical) music was great. During the actual reception part of the evening, when the wedding party was meeting and greeting, the guests complimented the affair without competing with it, and thus made it all the more enjoyable. Jason, your sensitive touch with the volume control, your music-mix, and your friendly voice informing the guests of "what's next" throughout the evening made listening and dancing a pleasure for young and old alike. It still allowing conversation between the larger number of guests who were not dancing. And, we were told by the younger crowd, that your dance selections were to their tastes of "Today's Music" as well. You did keep them on their feet. We would be pleased to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a DJ to compliment their affair with a tasteful, well-balanced, class performance. Thank you again for a job very well done.


DJ Jason Price was professional... and listened to "my wishes for my wedding day." I had two important things that I wanted for my wedding day... a beautiful dress and a DJ that would ensure my guests were having a great time. I called several Northern Va different DJ companies. I then called Jason, and I booked him over the phone (that day) which I rarely do. When we met, I felt like I've known him for years. He made me feel like my reception would be fun, low stress and memorable. It was all of that… and so much more. Although it's months later, I'm still getting these compliments about the DJ! Jason went beyond an excellent job, I couldn't be happier choosing Classic Hits Entertainment.

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