Chapelle De L'Amour

Las Vegas, NV
(702) 685-4111
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I must say WOW! Amazing photos. We noticed all the chapels offered a photographer but when we actually saw the work then saw the work of Jim, we realized that not all chapels offer professional photographers, but rather someone with a camera. Jim took amazing images. The work he did to the photos and touch ups made everything just pop AMAZING.


We stumbled upon Chapelle De L'Amour after leaving the license place. Its about one block away. Has a European flair to it. All white inside. We where very impressed by the service and the photos are to die for. Surprisingly we stayed well below our budget. We got a lot of bang for our buck, and great memories of our special day. Thanks guys for making it happen!


Wow, that is the one word description for this place. very contemporary design. Our Photos where like works of art. After the wedding we went into their photo studio for a session and the images cam out incredible. We also purchased a DVD slideshow along with all our photos. The Video was like watching a TV program. WOW

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