Ceremonies Just for You

Ruskin, FL

(727) 460-5224

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Ceremonies Just for You did an amazing job putting together our wedding. They helped organize our ceremony as well as picking up flowers and having them at our small beach wedding. We took advantage of one of their two in one packages that included both officiant services and photography by Stehman Photography. It was a great move and fit right in line with our budget. Working with a husband and wife team was fantastic.


We booked the two in one package that Ceremonies Just for You offers with the officiant and photography and it was the best thing we could have done. Each professional offered us incredible service and customized things to fit what we wanted instead of trying to fit us in a specific box. I would recommend them to friends and family everywhere!


Husband and wife team Carla and Vick did an an AMAZING job with our small destination wedding. Vick put together a really special ceremony that is exactly what we wanted and Carla provided the most beautiful photos of our wedding. They are an incredible team and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a destination beach wedding.

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