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Clayton, NC

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My wedding was in 1991 and one of the best memories I have is the professionalism and quality of services offered by Ray at Carolina Wedding Videos. Unlike some weddings I've been to, Ray melted into the background and never once became intrusive or distracted the guests from the ceremony with his placement of equipment or movement around the sanctuary and yet somehow he managed to get amazing shots. He was very personable and all the guests warmed up to him immediately. He had a knack for getting amazingly candid shots including my father's eyes tearing up and my mother patting his hands to comfort him during the rehearsal, and some of the last video of my grandmother absolutely giddy with happiness at the reception. These are moments I would have missed because I was so caught up in all the hectic activity of a bride but are particularly poignant to me now. He captured hilarious moments between family and friends that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. My wedding video is one of my most treasured possessions and the whole experience provided by Carolina Wedding Videos was top-notch. I would gladly recommend him as a vendor.

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WedFolio Top Reviewed 2015WedFolio Top Reviewed 2014WedFolio Top Reviewed 2013