Bramy Entertainment

Branson, MO

(417) 496-8291

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They made our wedding reception one to remember. They did a great job in keeping the music flowing without any weird pauses between songs or activities. I would recommend having Brad as your DJ for your event. They were very professional & kept in contact throughout the whole planning process! Their equipment was very new & up to date! They also came professionally dressed, which was wonderful. What I liked most about them was their willingness to work with our budget!


They were very professional, very well priced, and everyone had a blast. I was very impressed with my decision. I would definitely recommend Bramy Entertainment for any wedding, party, or company function you're planning!


I can't say enough about how nice & accommodating they are. The pricing is almost unbelievable. They allowed me to stay within my budget which is amazing because when planning a wedding almost everything goes over budget. They traveled at least over two hours, came well before the event to get set up & stayed late! I can't even tell you how sweet they were. I kept making spur of the moment decisions that were out of script & never once was I made to feel like it was an issue!


I want to thank Bramy Entertainment for their tenacity in braving heavy traffic on their way to our dance due to an accident that had traffic tied up for hours & caused them to be re-routed. They were so frustrated, but persevered, because they did not want to let our guys down. They spent a lot of time dealing with the situation when it would have been much easier to just turn around & go back home. You guys are AWESOME, true professionals, & as a result, everyone had a GREAT time.

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