Bella Wedding Ceremonies

Saint Louis, MO
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I want to first say that my mother-in-law loved your ceremony. We had an extremely hard time finding someone that would be willing to marry us, since we are a same sex couple. We searched several different churches and ministers and they either refused or were already booked. Thank you for making time to perform our ceremony reflecting our special relationship. I love my wife with all my heart and you really showed our love in your ceremony.


I want to just thank you for performing our wedding ceremony at the last minute. Our original minister had a prior commitment and you really saved our day. Your words were beautiful and very moving. You wrote a ceremony that described our relationship so perfectly. I also want to thank you for coming so far to our wedding venue. The winery was where we first met and it meant a lot for us to have our love sealed at the same place.


We want to thank you for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Even though it rained, you kept your grace and did not miss a beat. Our family and friends have said this was the best wedding they've attended in a long while. You gave us the exact ceremony we have always dreamed of. This is the letter that I sent our Minister, she was truly wonderful to work with. From the first meeting and all the phone calls and questions we had she truly was a great joy to work with.

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