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Orlando, FL

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When I was looking for a photographer, I interviewed SO MANY; as least six other photographers. What made us pick Laura was the fact that her sample albums were fun to look at. She didn't just have the people line up and have boring pictures. I told her what I wanted she did everything 110%. My pictures turned out AMAZING. I had a blast having our pictures taken. She even took pictures that I didn't even know that I wanted (i.e. the place cards, the napkins, ). I bring out my wedding album every chance I get and I have been married for four years now. I am so proud of my album, because I am proud to show off the pictures in it.


We weren't going to have a photographer but after careful consideration we decided to hire Laura at Artistic vision photography. We couldn't be more happier with that decision. The pictures turned out beautiful and better than we expected. Laura, posing as a guest at our "Pirate Party" took beautiful pictures of everyone on board our Captured Houseboat. Then the ceremony starts to the surprise of everyone and Laura kicks in to photographer mode. We had a great time.


Laura was great. We put her to the test by making her dress up as a pirate and come on board to photograph a surprise wedding. While working incognito, she did an absolutely brilliant job. The pictures turned out great.

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014