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Crista added that special touch that made my wedding day perfect. I now have beautiful photos to relive that day over and over. She used the gorgeous scenery at our wedding location to create some of the most stunning wedding pictures I have ever seen. Crista has the artistic eye and captures moments many photographers would miss. Her poses were not the 'standard' wedding shots but very creative and thoughtful, although she did include traditional shots as well. She was fabulous!


Our destination wedding limited us to one brief meeting. I was concerned that Crista would not fully understand all we wanted in such short notice. On our wedding day, I barely noticed her working and she was never invasive to our moment. She sent me samples TWO DAYS later! The photos were gorgeous, almost spiritual! She truly captured every ounce of magic she could find! Crista will always be part of our wedding day!

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wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014