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Arch of the Covenant

Knoxville, TN

(865) 978-8536

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4 Reviews:


We got the recording of our ceremony that our best friend Bonnie Frame did today. We love you Bonnie and thank you so much. We have both always wanted this day to happen and you made it come true. Just married -- Yeah!


Rev. Frame met with us a week before our wedding. Even though our families were upset, we had it outdoors. The reverend sat everyone down to talk before the wedding took place. My mother was upset and after Rev. Frame was done talking to her and saying a prayer, all was good to go. The wedding was nice, simple and sweet. Thank you so much.


Oh my goodness, the best time ever! Drove to us and made everything special. Could not ask for better -- great charm and love. We had a short and sweet ceremony. We will be having something bigger in the spring. See you soon.


Reverend Frame, was great very friendly down to earth fun helped me feel comfortable came the night before and spent the evening thank you so much.

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