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AP&C Productions

Sacramento, CA

(916) 393-3839

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3 Reviews:


Love the video! Your professionalism, your dedication of time for the two days and creativeness was phenomenal! David thought the wind would be awful for the sound, but even he was surprised how your mics didn't pick it up and they were so clear! The music video portions were so fun and touching, and my parents especially enjoyed the music choices! You truly have a knack for this profession and I will recommend you to all my friends. Thank you, Allen!


Our wedding video was AMAZING! The interviews, cut outs, imbedded songs were great! Looks great too! I could not have been happier!


Very professional work, highly recommended! Have already watched the video three times!

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Wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013Wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014Wedfolio Top Reviewed 2015