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Anointed Creations

Fredericksburg, VA

(877) 779-6290

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I can't begin to tell you how pleased I was with the professionalism and knowledge provided by anointed creations event planning. I contacted them with only two months left before my wedding was to take place. My consultant hit the ground running make sure everything that I "thought" was done, was done right. I am glad I opted to go with a planner for my wedding, it allowed me to focus on being a bride and not having to deal with vendors, guests rsvps, and all the other stressful things involved. Thanks a million anointed creations!


If a personal touch and attention to detail are important, this is the wedding planner for you. We would highly recommend Michele.

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Wedfolio Top Reviewed 2013Wedfolio Top Reviewed 2014Wedfolio Top Reviewed 2015