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Since 1983, we have been the leading ministerial wedding consultants in the Washington / Baltimore / Richmond region. Our top-rated ceremony customization package can be used with any other material, ideas, and wording of your own for each couple to write their own ceremonies. Our President, Rev. Byron Sichert is rated by Bridal Ministerial Review Service of Washington as the top-rated regional wedding minister covering six states, 30 + years of experience, and averaging 500 weddings a year.

“We were so excited to have Byron Sichert preside at our wedding. Howard and I come from different backgrounds and we put together a ceremony that included elements from both of our religions and backgrounds. Byron performed our ceremony with no changes and without hesitation. Byron is truly the right choice!”

Heather Harris

“We were pleased to have Byron Sichert officiate at our wedding. I gave Byron a word for word ceremony printout for our ceremony, and Byron delivered a moving and exciting ceremony.”

Elaine Allenson

“Byron Sichert was our officiant. Byron was great in performing our ceremony with excitement and animation. He performed our ceremony the way we wrote it, which made us happy knowing that we controlled our entire ceremony.”

Nancy Edwardson

“12-12-12 was a special day for us with the top wedding minister in the region, Rev. Byron Sichert officiating at our wedding. We simply gave Byron our entire ceremony script, including the perfect wedding vows, and personal aspects of our relationship. Byron did the rest with a perfect ceremony delivery.”

Blaine and Christina Eggleston

“Our 12-12-12 wedding was fantastic! Rev. Byron Sichert delivered a heart warming ceremony which touched us, and all of our guests. As the top wedding minister in the area, Byron performed our ceremony as we designed with our own words, with exuberance and wonderful animation!”

Roberto and Caroline Rodriguez

“Rev. Byron Sichert is indeed everything we hoped for! After speaking to our friends and family members, we knew that Rev. Byron was the perfect match for us. We customized, personalized, and designed our ceremony exactly the way we wanted it. Rev. Byron allowed us to utilize our own ideas and words, and any material that we liked. Everyone was so happy!”

Orlando and Christiana Ortego

“We had the pleasure of having Rev. Byron Sichert perform our marriage ceremony. Rev. Byron was recommended by our family members and friends because of his fantastic ceremony delivery, and his unique quality of performing every marriage ceremony the way all brides and grooms design them. We are glad we went with Rev. Byron, who is indeed the best!”

Ricardo and Nancy Fuentes

“Rev. Byron Sichert was our officiant. Byron was great in performing our ceremony the way we designed it. Byron gives all couples the option of writing their entire ceremony from start to finish. We used our own ideas and words, and other material of our choice. The material Byron provided was also very helpful. All of our friends and family used Byron or one of his associates and were very pleased as well.”

Collins and Renee Nathanson

“Rev. Byron Sichert was our officiant. Byron is the best to work with because he gives all brides and grooms the privilege of designing their own ceremonies, using any material that they wish, and has the best ceremony delivery. Byron performs ceremonies in six states, with 30+ years experience, and averages 500 weddings a year. We could not have done any better.”

Taylor and Chad MacWilliamson

“Our wedding was fantastic! Rev. Byron Sichert is indeed the best wedding minister in the area. Byron allowed us to design our entire ceremony from start to finish, using our own ideas and words, our own material, and his material was extremely helpful. He performed our ceremony exactly the way we wrote it. We went with Byron because our friends used other expensive ministers who would not let them write their own ceremonies, and performed the wrong ceremonies. We could not let that happen to us, so we went with the best, Rev. Byron.”

Alex and Renee McManimus

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